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Exhibition Space

You can touch and experiment with everything: we will learn together through experience. This is a living, dynamic classroom.


We discover what a GAZA farm is like from the inside: what labours are carried out, who does them, how the cows are watched over...


The cow is the true and great milk factory. For this reason, we will study what its habitat on the farm is like, how it grows and develops, how it lives, how it digests food and how it makes milk.


The Food Pyramid

We will learn what constitutes a healthy diet and good eating habits. Milk is present in many other dishes and not just in a glass: recipes which include milk.


Workshops and handicrafts with recycled Gaza cartons: we will practice with different receptacles to discover the appropriate coloured recycling bin for each one.


Upon completion of all the experiences in the Dairy Class, visitors don the corresponding lab coat and hair net to begin their visit of the factory.

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Nowhere else in Spain will you find an educational journey like Gaza´s Dairy Class: the student gets hands-on experience in the process of making milk: from the farm to the table with the packaging in the middle.
This interactive project allows participants, both children and adults, to learn about the milk-making process and appreciate all the work that is done on the farm, in the fields and in the factory. Visitors see for themselves not only what Gaza farms are like, how fresh milk is processed, what cows are fed... but also what a proper diet consists of and the correct way to recycle waste.